Nothing makes a greater impact throughout our tournament than our ability to give back to others. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to becoming a tournament that gives back to our community, our ocean and those in need.


The Billfish Foundation operates worldwide to advance the conservation of billfish and associated species to improve the health of oceans and economies. For a planet with nearly seven billion human inhabitants, conservation strategies must be forward-looking and adaptive. By accounting for the roles of billfish within the marine environment, as well as in relation to their interactions with humanity, TBF’s conservation campaigns maintain the flexibility to adapt to emergent threats. Additionally, those which have historically confronted resource managers.


TBF (utilizes or implements) a multi-tiered, proactive set of initiatives involving both biological and socioeconomic research, education, and advocacy projects. As billfish and other highly migratory species are not confined to the territorial waters of any one nation, these strategies must also take into account the differences in culture and law inherent to the international arena. Empowered by an internationally diverse constituent network, The Billfish Foundation is uniquely equipped to fulfil these obligations.


The mission of Freedom Alliance does not only meet the needs of wounded veterans—it goes above and beyond. This organization supports injured service members in various ways. Family retreats, outdoor recreational therapy, college scholarships, mortgage-free homes, and all-terrain wheelchairs for amputees are just a few of the services they provide. They have discovered that many of our military’s wounded require more than a program or grant.


They need relationships—people who care and consistently check-in on their well-being. They need a comradewho can also be trusted to expr ess their emotional pain. They need time to heal, often outside a hospital or base. If they can escort a veteran to a beautiful, quiet outdoor space, fishing rod in hand and military buddies alongside, they can restore the warrior’s spirit. This organization, founded to honor the men and women who defend our country and put themselves in danger so we don’t have to, is way more than that. It is a life-changer. This is Freedom Alliance.


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