One of the biggest keys to our growing success is the continued support of our Tournament Artists and Sponsors. A TEXAS SIZED THANK YOU to their generosity and commitment in making the Texas Billfish Classic bigger and better for years to come!

K.C. Scott

After walking away from a professional golf career in 2008, K.C. put down the driver and picked up the paint brush. In a very short period of time K.C.'s work started to draw major attention, which fueled his fire to create more intriguing works of art. Fortunately, his vast experience of both freshwater and saltwater fish gave him a huge catalogue of images to pull from and put on canvas. For K.C., the fish and their environment exist as one. He wants people to feel as though they are face to face with the fish, as if they could reach out, touch the canvas, and feel the cool waters of the lakes and oceans!


Inspired by his art, sports, fashion, music and people, the KSCOTT Apparel brand is a reflection of the lifestyle inherent to those who have adventure in our minds and water in our veins. Read more about K.C. here....

Anastasia Musick is a traditional artist who specializes in a variety of subjects from marine art to aviation and everything in between. Anastasia's offerings include original commissions, prints of artwork on canvas, paper, metal or wood panels. Custom hand painted metal and wood tournament trophies, one of a kind shirt designs, and printing for shirts, as well as, custom designed and applied vinyl for coolers.

"Not renowned...not world famous...but an incredibly hardworking Wildlife artist and angler whose primary goal is to bring quality art to every fishing niche without an inflated cost"

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Anastasia Musick

Larry Rackley is a very non-conforming artist and this can be seen in many ways from just they mixed mediums used in the piece or by the point of view a subject matter is portrayed.

"After numerous years in the Marine Corps, you whitness so many things and such negativity, hate, destitute, etc..  I witnessed the human sole diminishing (if that makes since) that I wanted to bring something of value to the world, I knew I wasn’t going to write the best help guide for the people nor would I ever be in a role to lead and make political changes so I wanted my art to brighten and be a positive influence in the world.  This is why I use such bright colors in my pieces, even if the subject matter may not be of a happy image or time, so by the use of color I try to balance this issue."

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Larry Rackley


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