One of the biggest keys to our growing success and our ability to give back to those in need is the continued support of our sponsors. We encourage you to take a look at our Tournament Sponsors page and click their logos to visit their website directly. A TEXAS SIZED THANK YOU for your generosity and showing your commitment in making the Texas Billfish Classic bigger and better for summers to come!

“Where the Fun Happens”! Freeport’s motto is well deserved and fits perfectly into our main goal here at the Texas Billfish Classic, which is, to provide our participants with the best tournament experience possible.


Freeport has a rich fishing history and is considered one of the premier fishing destinations along the Texas Gulf Coast by many. The vast infrastructure of recreational waterways makes Freeport the ideal destination for many water sports including skiing, boating, kayaking, scuba diving and sailing. Multiple boat ramps and marinas around the city offer convenience and easy access to water, with the ability to navigate offshore within minutes.

Along with various water sports, the City of Freeport is located among one of the major north-south migration groups. This unique location gives visitors the ability to enjoy a year round opportunity to spot rare and even endangered species of birds from their sanctuaries and wild life refuges. 

Home to many yearly events, Freeport’s Municipal Park along the Brazos River hosts music festivals, comedic performances, children’s events and the future home of the Texas Billfish Classic (beginning 2018). With thousands of attendees each year, this offers our sponsors a myriad of opportunities to connect with their customers.

Costa is the leading provider of sunglasses for fishing enthusiasts. Being on the water during peak sunlight can be very hard on the eyes. Light reflecting off saltwater and freshwater waves and ripples causes eye strain and difficulty discerning details. Such conditions require sunglasses that are specially designed to help offset the particular characteristics of light on water.


The brand offers sunglasses that give anglers the edge they need to land their catch. With custom designs and lens treatments as well as state-of-the-art lens manufacturing processes, sunglasses are available in nearly endless lens color and material combinations to suit almost any need. 

Costa is among the best-known sunglass brands for active lifestyles available today. Whether you are an angler or a sailor, or you just want to look cool under the summer sun, Costa has a pair of sunglasses for you.

In 2006, YETI® Coolers was founded with a simple mission: build the cooler we’d use every day if it existed. One that was built for the serious outdoor enthusiast rather than for the mass-discount retailers. One that could take the abuse we knew we’d put it through out in the field and on the water. One that simply wouldn’t break. We decided early on that product innovation would come from necessity and firsthand experience — not from market research and data analysis. And we’d never sacrifice quality for a few extra bucks. Because having your cooler’s lid cave in when using it as a casting platform should never be part of anyone’s fishing trip.


We’re so glad that we weren’t the only ones looking for a YETI. Today it is the cooler of choice for outdoor enthusiasts, pros, tailgaters, and backyard barbecue kings. And that still gets us fired up. Ultimately, life is about having a good time doing what you love. And for us, that’s being outdoors hunting whitetail, catching a tarpon on the fly, and spending time with our families and buddies. We’re wild at heart. So our coolers couldn’t be anything less.

You’re trolling along, talking about last week’s game and you hear that distinctive “thump”.  In that same second the line starts ripping out, your rod is bent, your heart is pounding, and the whole boat ignites into action….“Fish On!” You are in it to win it!

Fish Cave Lures is one the highest quality big game trolling lures on the market and the proof is in the performance.  FCL's have won 11 major tournaments in 11 years and are continuously improving their designs based on customer feedback and field trial performance.

At the end of the day it’s all about catching fish and having the experience of a lifetime. This means providing you with the highest quality lures you can count on each time you leave the dock. FCL is able to stand apart from the pack by offering superior resins, more robust skirt material, ballast weight design, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

As one of the largest breeding grounds for Pacific sailfish, Guatemala is among the finest sailfishing destinations in the world and is considered “The Sailfish Capital of the World.” Guatemala holds both the conventional and fly fishing records for most sailfish released in one day.

The Sailfish Oasis fleet often releases 30 sailfish a day during peak fishing season and has a year round daily average of 15-20 releases. Anglers will enjoy calm waters and the benefit of a friendly fishing community, where captains are in constant communication to ensure everyone has an unforgettable fishing experience.


In addition to abundant sailfish, the waters off the Pacific coast of Guatemala are also home a variety of fish species, including marlin, dorado, tuna, grouper, and snapper.

The team at Sailfish Oasis Lodge is dedicated to ensuring our clients have the sportfishing experience of a lifetime from the moment you arrive in Guatemala until you return home. From skilled captains and crew, to enthusiastic trip coordinators, private chauffeurs, and hotel staff, our team is excited to share this first-rate fishery with you.

The highest concentration of billfish in the world combined with our world-class fishing boats and expert captains will undoubtedly provide you with the sportfishing vacation of a lifetime.


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