One of the biggest keys to our growing success is the continued support of our Tournament Artists and Sponsors. A TEXAS SIZED THANK YOU to their generosity and commitment in making the Texas Billfish Classic bigger and better for years to come!

K.C. Scott


After walking away from a professional golf career in 2008, K.C. put down the driver and picked up the paint brush. In a very short period of time K.C.'s work started to draw major attention, which fueled his fire to create more intriguing works of art. Fortunately, his vast experience of both freshwater and saltwater fish gave him a huge catalogue of images to pull from and put on canvas. For K.C., the fish and their environment exist as one. He wants people to feel as though they are face to face with the fish, as if they could reach out, touch the canvas, and feel the cool waters of the lakes and oceans!


Inspired by his art, sports, fashion, music and people, the KSCOTT Apparel brand is a reflection of the lifestyle inherent to those who have adventure in our minds and water in our veins. Read more about K.C. here....


Local to southeast Texas and SWFL, Heritage Member of CCA, Member of Quail Coalition of Texas, and the CCA STAR Platinum Print Artist since 2018. Musick Art Corporation, Anastasias company, specializes in wholesale and volume sales while dealing with direct to consumer retail through hundreds of outlets throughout the state and Gulf Coast.


Anastasias has a portfolio of over 1000 artwork reproductions and takes commissions at certain times during the year, an active conservationist with legitimate fundraising results and a track record of excellence.


She does not have a glorious story about how she came to fishing or hunting themed artwork, but she strives to constantly out perform and dominate, so far she is happy with her accomplishments in the last 3 years and looks forward to expanding even more this year.

Anastasia Musick